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THE GENESIS OF OUR PRACTICE: We realize that architecture must address physical, experiential and spiritual challenges. We embrace the ideas of social responsibility and acknowledge that people inhabit shared environments; this has strengthen our commitment and sensitivity to culture, climate/sustainability and a meaningful sense of place. Our mission is to provide elegant, inspired and practical solutions, whose functional innovation will be ecologically responsible. Every project has specific program requirements, challenges and opportunities; we pride ourselves on our broad body of work and ability to create meaningful spaces.


INTEGRATED COLLABORATIVE APPROACH: CWA’s approach is the ability to synthesize Client’s requirements from various perspectives and determine the best path forward. Moreover, CWA’s culture and philosophy are based on our ability to be true collaborators, connectors and problem solvers. With robust dialogue, the design process achieves the agility needed to respond to evolving programmatic needs and project budgets/schedules. Client and stakeholder collaboration to achieve consensus is the foundation of our successful projects and we will regularly coordinate the work with Clients’ in-house representative in conjunction with our project team throughout the duration of the project.


A DEDICATED AND EXPERIENCED TEAM FOR CLIENTS: The CWA Team is composed of qualified professionals who are selected based on relevant project experience, professional expertise and facility with comprehensive project delivery. CWA’s Team is easily accessible and available; our team members are further selected based on workload so as to guarantee staff continuity throughout all phases of each project.


ABILITY TO DESIGN BEAUTIFUL BUILDINGS AND INTERIORS: Simple, efficient and well-coordinated design is CWA’s priority and trademark. We provide options to our Clients’ needs with strategic planning to target design solutions which reduce undue complexity and result in elegant architecture, enabling swift execution. We plan environments so that evident simplicity disguises the full complexity of challenging programmatic, budget and/or environmental constraints. Functional innovation and Intelligent design improve the quality of life for its inhabitants; meaningful thinking results in design solutions which are inspirational, pragmatic and cost effective.


RESPONSIVE AND RESPONSIBLE PROJECT MANAGEMENT: CWA is a veteran of big projects. We know how to manage teams to bring projects in on time and on budget. Our rigorous management approach with clearly identified project objectives, specifically defined roles and responsibilities, current and accurate project schedules, proactive cost management and risk management techniques to identify and assess potential issues keeps the Project Team focused and engaged. Transparent, frequent communication is the key component of successful project management to keep information flowing and build consensus. As tools, we employ Cloud Base project management practices and our entire team is well versed with Aconex, Dr. Check etc. We pride ourselves on lessons learned; our best practices are the hard-earned result of 40 years of professional experience.


MITIGATING RISK TO AVOID IMPACTS: Many factors can impact a project’s design integrity, schedule and budget. Identification, understanding and assessment of potential risks must be developed to avoid negative impacts and anticipate opportunities. A practical risk management tool is employed through planning, design and construction to minimize and prepare for potential impacts to the project schedule, budget and execution. The CWA Team, along with the Client’s representative and other interested stakeholders, will conduct as-needed risk identification workshops to keep the project on schedule and within budget.


GREEN BUILDING/SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: CWA employs an interdisciplinary approach to “Green Building” which collective goal is improving users’ health and well-being complemented by environmental performance, operational and economic returns. CWA employs LEED’s most current checklist to ensure that due diligence is followed from design through implementation; CWA utilizes green certified building materials and techniques to minimize financial and environmental impacts for all of our projects.


EFFICIENT PERMITTING PROCESS: Regulatory approval processes are always required and can be extremely challenging. CWA’s familiarity with regulatory permits and approvals processes is essential to the success of the project. To avoid any potential risks to the project schedule and budget, the CWA team will, at project initiation, identify all permitting tasks and include them on the project schedule, including potential durations, to guide both the design and construction phases.