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As stewards of the built environment, CWA understands that the work of architecture outlives both its creators and its inhabitants as have a profound impact on the quality of human lives and experiences.  


Our reverence for social responsibility that shapes our environments has been instrumental to building a conscious and mature design practice. The realization that people inhabit shared built and non-built environments strengthens our commitment and sensitivity to culture and environment creating a meaningful sense of place. CWA’s goal is to create spaces that are completely responsive to the users and to the environment.




CWA employs an interdisciplinary approach to “Green Building/Social Responsibility.”  We strive to create environments that are conducive to the user’s well-being, have low environmental impacts and generate economic return.  Our collective goal is to reduce the carbon footprint while maximizing environmental performance and low energy consumption. We employ both established standards, innovative technologies and renewable practices (such as solar, wind and water harvesting or the use of biodegradable materials) to achieve low energy impact sustainable structures.


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Every place and every site come with its own unique history and potential that yearns to be molded into an “architecture of the place.” We enjoy the challenge of exploring the morphology and typology of building elements that are responsive to location and context. Through analyses and Client interaction, the creative concepts and design possibilities are assembled for shared review and response. This analytical, thoughtful approach to building creates a structure emblematic of place and respectful of the “genius loci.” Our watchword is “location, location” that is, reverence for place.


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Functional innovation, integrated high-performing systems and intelligent design solutions are explored and implemented on each of our projects. Programmatic and financial requirements are fundamental parameters.  We focus energetically on opportunities to maximize the functionality of each project with efficient, sophisticated and constructable design.



We strive for design solutions that are pragmatic, simple and well-coordinated. Cohesively with the surroundings, structural symphony and integral services help us create a well-rounded design experience for the users. We plan buildings and spaces so that evident simplicity disguises the full complexity of challenging programmatic and/or environmental constraints.

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