Chelsea West Architects is an internationally acclaimed architectural, planning and urban design practice providing design excellence and intelligent, innovative solutions for sustainable& low energy buildings. The practice is based in New York with an office in New Delhi.

Led by Vishva Priya, the firm has successful delivered projects ranging from luxury residential developments to revolutionary university campus designs, Ground breaking Expo Pavilions & Convention Centers to Energy Efficient Government buildings. 

Chelsea West Architects makes best use of most recent digital technologies to explore and execute new designs that allow us to generate forms of architecture more responsive to the environment. Our mission has always been to provide elegant and inspired design solutions, whose functional innovation will be ecologically responsible, whether at home or abroad.


Chelsea West Architects is a consultancy firm providing comprehensive design services in architecture, planning and urban spaces.

Since its conception in 2006, Chelsea West Architects has designed some designed some highly acclaimed buildings notably School of Planning & Architecture campus in Bhopal, Modal Taramandal Cum Science Museum selected for three sites in Bihar ,an expo pavilion in S. Korea, an 800,000 sq. ft International Business Center, 5-Star Hotel in Armenia to name a few. We are awaiting the ground breaking of the winning design for the Rural Electrification Corporation, Govt. of India World Headquarters in Gurgaon where construction is in full swing. Construction is also progressing on Phase II of Aquapolis, a 152 Acre Integrated Township with 5.5 million sq. ft. residential development in National Capital Region, India. 


Chelsea West employs an interdisciplinary approach to “Green Building/ Social Responsibility.”  Our collective goal is to improve users’ health and well-being, while maximizing environmental performance and economic return. We employ both established standards and innovative practices and technologies (such as solar, wind and water harvesting or the use of biodegradable materials) to achieve low energy sustainable structures.

Chelsea West strives to create buildings that are embraced by their inhabitants, respect their surroundings, and treat natural resources as precious commodities. Hence, Sustainability becomes an integral part of the entire design process. A careful consideration of the site, starting from the early phases of conceptualization, can result in a building that is self-sustainable with minimum to no energy dependence on grid. Our every design decision reflects a careful lifecycle cost analysis of our building as a product that leads to abundance to its users and the future-generation.

Our team is well versed with building information modeling (BIM) and use the most efficient of tools skillfully to bring out the optimized solutions for built environment. The staff is also experienced with GRIHA-5 guidelines LEED® certified designing, the IGBC recommendations, and other green building standards. Their expertise is supported by an in-house team of quality control, graphics, and 3-d modelling specialists which help us to showcase the integrated designs solutions to a wide array of audience. 



As architects and constructors, we know that surroundings influence the quality of our lives and experiences.  The genesis of our practice is the realization that architectural needs are physical, experiential and spiritual. Chelsea West’s acknowledgement of social responsibility, its realization that people inhabit shared built/non-built environments has created our commitment and sensitivity to culture, climate and a deep sense of place.


Client and stakeholder dialogue to achieve consensus is the foundation of any successful project.  With robust collaboration, the design process achieves the agility needed to respond to evolving programmatic needs and project budgets/schedules. Over the years, Chelsea West has evolved a mature design approach that is responsive to clients’ needs/ goals, as well to the most recent developments in the technology.


Simplicity, efficiency and well-coordinated designs are our utmost priority. We question and answer clients’ needs with strategic planning to target design solutions which reduce undue complexity resulting in elegant architecture and swift project execution. We plan buildings so that their evident simplicity disguises the full complexity of their challenging programmatic or environmental constraints.


Every project has unique program requirements.   We at Chelsea West enjoy the challenge of exploring the morphology and typology of building elements that are responsive to location and context. Through analyses and client interaction, the creative concepts and design possibilities are assembled for shared review and response. This analytical and thoughtful approach to building creates a structure emblematic of the place and respectful of the “genius loci”. Our watchword is “location, location”-- that is, reverence for place.


Functional innovation and intelligent design is the hallmark of our approach to efficiency. Programmatic and financial requirements are fundamental parameters.  We focus energetically on opportunities to maximize the functionality of the project through efficient, sophisticated and realizable design ideas.



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